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   We manufacture a very special stainless steel heater. Firewood is burned directly in the heater to heat the water to hot-tub temperature. Note: the heater in the photo above has been professionally polished to mirror finish, which is available on request.

    Our heater is semi-submerged inside the tub, thus the hot part of the heater is in direct contact with the water. A smokestack made of pipe extends from the heater to keep the air around you crisp while you enjoy the Cowboy Hot Tub experience.

    Our heater works perfectly with a 150-gallon tub (see pic at end of page), accommodating up to two people. A 300-gallon tub is also an option, accommodating up to four people.

    If you are looking for a wood burning hot-tub to accommodate more than four people, I can direct you to the snorkel tub.

We so believe in our product and the enjoyment you will have in using it that we offer a 
30-day full money back guarantee!

Our 30-day full money back guarantee!
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