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"The hot tub heater is fantastic. It seemed like we were
in it only a short time and an hour had passed. We truly enjoyed the way
the wood burns slow and hot. We had no trouble getting the draft up, or
starting the fire. A great heater like that should have no trouble at all
on the marketplace.

Thanks Again!!!

     From Ebay Customers: 
"Well built hot-tub heater for a great price, nice person to deal with."

Thanks, realbughunter

 "The nicest seller...great calls, the hot tub heater is superb and made excellent"

Thanks, retro55

A Short Story from Jason, Southwestern United States

I went to the local garbage transfer station where they separate steel, wood etc. from regular trash. They have huge piles of metal there for free. I lucked out and found a 4" inside diameter piece of steel pipe from an old basketball hoop. I cut 5' of it and put it on the stove then I bought 8 dollars (four feet) worth of galvanized steel tubing and a cap (about 8 bucks) which I lined with hardware cloth on the inside to act as a spark arrestor (Muy impotante out here in the desert).

    I bought a 170-gallon circular metal stock tank at a local feed store ($85.99). .... They did not have the rubbermaid tank, but had some other plastic ones at 150 gallons that looked exactly like the pictures of the rubbermaid. I wasn't sure if it was the same material as the rubbermaid---(was thinking it could maybe melt from the heater or get brittle in the desert sun.) Plus, I just liked the look and feel of the metal one (I even climbed in one of the metal tanks to see how it felt, much to the amusement of the shop proprietor who was clad in wrangler jeans and and a bolo tie. "I ain't never seen no one go and do that before.  Its a sad state of affairs when folks are feedin' themselves to the cattle.  'Sposed to be the other way around" he said..)

     So I filled up the tank, and lit the fire, which for about two seconds burned up through the rectangle and I had a brief moment of panic.  But before I had a chance to say "AWWWW! SHIT!," there was a little roar and the fire started burning downwards and smoke was coming out the pipe. "yee! HAW!!!!!"

     I kept feeding the fire and after about an hour and a half I went to test it only to find the water was so hot I couldn't put my pinky finger in it without it becoming pinker...ouch!  My sister who was visiting at the time suggested we go get a couple turkeys, potatos and some veggies and make ourselves a years worth of soup. Needless to say, the dang contraption you have put together works--and then some.  Looking forward to winter nights with nothin' to worry about but the shooting stars and the lines the grin on my face might leave.

 I'm gonna' devise a way to put clear bubble insulation on top.  This is for two reasons.

1. to harness the potential of the massive amount of solar energy we graciously recieve here  on  almost a daily basis (even in winter)to keep the water temperate.

2. To provide ultra-violet light to the water to kill the wee-tiny little varmints that may want to seek refuge there.

    Let me know what you think and if you have any experience on this matter. You've done a good thing in this here heater.  Thanks.  Jason"

A Couple from Arizona sent us a postcard just to say:

"We sure are enjoying that hottub on these cold winter nights. My hats off to you! It really does work as well as you said it would. Thanks a lot! Donnie & Vicky"


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