Cowboy Hot Tubs
Affordable, Portable, Wood Burning Hot Tubs

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Introducing . . .

The Cowboy Hot Tubs Regular Smokestack and WaterJacket Smokestack 

It is recommended that you get your smoke stack from us. Our stack consists of two parts. The first, the lower part is 4 ft of 4 inch stainless tubing with a 1/8th inch wall. The second is 4 ft of 4 inch exhaust tubing with a 1/16th inch wall and curves at the top. This piece is very common on big rigs as the end of its exhaust rising up behind the cab. It is made of aluminized steel. I am seeking to have this second part made out of stainless, but since it does not come in contact with water it is not so important.

When starting your heater the opening of the stack needs to be away from the prevailing wind. This will create a small draft making starting your heater a snap. If the opening is into the wind the air will go down the stack and make starting your fire difficult. If you need to turn your stack, use caution that it isn’t hot, grab it and simply turn it.  

We have improved our smokestack, we added a WaterJacket giving increased efficiency and preventing a burn. We put a 2 ft or a 3 ft  water jacket on. If you want to get the most out of your wood a 3ft with insulation is the way to go. We made the 2 ft because you have to stretch a little to fill the 3 ft. There is a valve at the bottom to drain the warm/hot water and simply refill by pouring more in the top. The heater is the same made of stainless and the smoke stack is either stainless or aluminum. 


Tubing is measured by outside diameter

Pipe is measured by inside diameter