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Cowboy Hot Tub
Portable, Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Photo: Complete Cowboy Hot Tub 
set up and ready to tub overlooking the ski resort at Wrightwood, CA.

The Cowboy Hot Tub Heater is a wood burning semi-submersible water heater.
It can be used for heating a hot-tub and many other water heating needs.

It is designed to be totally portable:
As you can see by the photo above!
It only takes about 20 min to set up!

It is very inexpensive:
The Standard Cowboy Hot Tub Heater

 How it Works:
The standard Cowboy Hot Tub Heater will heat 150 gallons to hot-tub temperature in about 60-90 min. 

The standard Cowboy Hot Tub Heater will heat a
55 gallon drum of water in about 30-45 min. 
This means no more taking cold showers when out camping or enjoying other outdoor activities.

The Cowboy Hot Tub Heater can be used for several other things:

Portable Hot-Tubbing.

Heating water on camping trips.

Keeping stock tanks from freezing.

Keeping small fish ponds from getting too cold on those cold snaps.

Heating water in any emergency at any location.

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